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A selection of YouTube videos about Knysna and the Garden Route

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Knysna  »  (6)

Another Side of Africa | Episode 2 | Knysna
Date: 2021     Duration: 23:54
Join host Ashley Dowds as he takes a colorful journey through a vast and unique continent. Traveling with the enthusiastic and ever curious Ashley, you’ll discover an Africa you’ve never seen - a vibrant interplay of ecosystems in a state of constant evolution.
Knysna By Air
Date: 2015     Duration: 13:41
An arial view of Knysna, old and new.
Knysna the Beautiful Town
Date: 2013     Duration: 3:31
Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa.
Knysna - South Africa Travel Channel 24
Date: 2012     Duration: 56:58
Knysna is one of the Garden Routeˊs best known travel destinations and was recently named as one of the Top 100 Destinations in the World
Visit Knysna - Knysna Tourism South Africa - Africa Travel Channel
Date: 2012     Duration: 6:05
Located thirty-four degrees south of the equator, with its name being derived from the Khoikhoi word, meaning Ferns, Knysna is a holiday town on the Garden Route, in South Africa. Having been voted South Africa's favourite holiday destination twice makes it truly a destination where fun is a prerequisite. With George Airport, just 60km away, you have no excuse not to frequent this oasis of possibilities.
The Living Heritage of Knysna (2014)
Date: 2014     Duration: 28:57
The stories of the Khoi, the San, the woodcutters, the furniture makers, the miners, the schoolteachers, and many others who have lived in Knysna over the years.

Sedgefield  »  (1)

Sedgefield - South Africa's first offical 'Slowtown'
Date: 2011     Duration: 4:34
This beautiful seaside tranquil town situated on the banks of the Sedgefield lagoon mouth has so much to offer for a seaside holiday in the sun - watch and see what this laid-back and fun coastal town has to offer!

Garden Route  »  (3)

The Garden Route - 1960
Date: 1960     Duration: 42:09

Garden Route’s First Promotional Movie Revived on DVD. In 1960 (or was it 1961? – the people involved can’t quite remember), William Smith wrote, produced, and directed what was probably the Garden Route’s first promotional movie – a 40-minute-long piece about a young couple who meet for a holiday in Knysna and Wilderness.

Garden Route (1962)
Date: 1962     Duration: 7:06

Unissued / Unused material - Garden Route, South Africa.

Across The Wilderness (1930)

Date: 1930     Duration: 2:50

Story about a stretch of wild country in Cape Colony, South Africa (?)

Garden Route National Park, Knysna Forests  »  (5)

The Magnificent Garden Route National Park
Date: 2012     Duration: 11:17
Take a look at all that the Garden Route National Park has to offer, including accommodation, adventure activities, breath-taking views and much, much more!
Phillip Caveney: Knysna Forest History
Date: 2016     Duration: 19:55
Phillip Caveney of the Knysna Historical Society talks about some of the stops on the Garden Route National Park’s self-drive tour: Rooted in Time
Order & Respect within the Knysna Forest
Date: 2011     Duration: 4:21
An interview with Dalene Matthee author of the book Circles in a Forest & Fiela's Child an introduction to the Knysna Forest, the order and respect within the Knysna forest.
Knysna elephant survey
SANParks scientists share recent findings of the Knysna elephant.
Oupoot the last remaining elephant in the Knysna forest
Date: 2022     Duration: 28:36
There is an elephant living wild in the forest. Lovingly nicknamed “Oupoot”....a single elephant cow reckoned to be about 45 years old....probably the loneliest elephant in the world.

Events, Festival, Shows  »  (5)

Knysna Motor Show 2016
Date: 2016     Duration: 5:27
The Knysna motor show held on Sunday May 1, 2016 turned out to be a real blockbuster event and beating all expectations. The motor show was held in perfect weather with the most fantastic display of cars and motorcycles, complemented with new cars and trade related stalls . The display ranged from Vintage and Veteran cars , classic sports cars , super cars , classic and vintage motorcycles.
Supersport video of the 2015 Jaguar Simola Hillclimb
Date: 2015     Duration: 26:00
26 mins Supersport video of the 2015 Jaguar Simola Hillclimb
Ignition TV Show on The Jaguar Simola Hillclimb 2014
Date: 2014     Duration: 24:00
A great TV show on The Jaguar Simola Hillclimb - presented by Marius Roberts
Celtic Festival Knysna 2016 - Südafrika by www.gardenroute-knysna.de
Date: 2016     Duration: 7:10
A historic Slow-to-Quick street march competition along the N2 on Saturday, February 27. 2016 taking place on Knysna's Main Road between Pledge Square and Memorial Square, this is the only event of its kind in the country! After all the bands have competed individually, all join together for a spectacular Massed Pipes & Drums Parade comprising 10-plus pipe bands and 150-plus pipers, drummers and Highland dancers.
N2RS Bubbly & Oysters - 2015
Date: 2015     Duration: 6:43
N2RS presented a fun and informative evening of sophisticated tasting and pairing of Bubbly, Oysters and Chocolates on Sunday 05th July 2015, at Villa Castollini, Brenton on Sea, Knysna, during the Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival.

Activities  »  (2)

Knysna Elephant Park - Extraordinary Elephant Encounters
Date: 2020     Duration: 1:54
The Knysna Elephant Park (est. 1994) was the first facility in South Africa to house and care for orphaned African elephants. Over the last twenty years, the park has cared for and raised more than forty elephants.
Ostrich Farm (1962)
Date: 1962     Duration: 3:04
Oudtshoorn, South Africa

International Hope Spot  »  (3)

The Amazing Knysna Seahorse
Date: 2013     Duration: 5:26
Derik goes in search of the elusive and endangered knysna seahorse.
Garden Route's hopespot for preserving marine life
Date: 2014     Duration: 3:37
The Garden Route estuary, located in Knysna contributes 21, 6% of the total economic value of the 249 national estuaries. Conserving it will draw South Africa a step closer to achieving its set targets on national bio-diversity. For this reason, this river mouth has just been declared a hopespot for preserving marine life. One of our producers who attended the event compiled this report.
Hope Spot Knysna World Record
Date: 2014     Duration: 4:41
In the preceding weeks to the launch of the Hope Spot, artist Charl Franks created a seahorse statue completely underwater

House of Judah  »  (2)

House of Judah Allstars Album Video
Date: 2013     Duration: 17:29
Mix of the House of Judah Allstars album recorded in August/September 2013 in Judah Square, Khayalethu, West Cape, South Africa. With The Nyahbinghi Choir, Sista Julie, Iniqwa, Sista Leah, Ras Mau-Mau, Red Hot Chili and Dub Covenant.
Knysna unveils a new art project at Judah Square
Date: 2022     Duration: 2:15
Knysna in the Western Cape has unveiled a new art project at Judah Square in the hope of attracting more tourists. The Square is home to the biggest community of Rastafari in Southern Africa.

Millwood  »  (1)

Abandoned Gold Mine in South Africa
Date: 2022     Duration: 11:07
Most people have heard of the gold rush at Pilgrim’s Rest & Barberton in the 1870s and The Witwatersrand in the 1880s - fewer know about the Knysna Gold Rush in 1884. Millwood Gold Mine is near Rheenendal in the mountains around 30 kilometres from the Garden Route town of Knysna.

George Rex  »  (1)

The Legend of George Rex by Kenneth Griffith 1997
Date: 1997     Duration: 50:54
Actor and film-maker Kenneth Griffith reveals “disturbing evidence” that George Rex was the “forgotten” legitimate son of King George the 3rd and should have become King of England. Griffith controversially claimed George the 3rd's first marriage to quaker girl Hannah Lightfoot caused a scandal in the ruling establishment of the day, which was embarrassed about the king having married a commoner. A rare film.

Steam Railways  »  (2)

South African Railways - Knysna Branch Line Scenes 2001 & 2002
Date: 2001 / 2002     Duration: 27:22
Visit the now closed George - Knysna branch line during 2001 and 2002. The line was mostly steam worked, with the morning and afternoon goods trains featuring a 19D or 24, plus of course all of teh passenger trains during the day. This video covers different parts of the line from the train and the lineside, with goods and passenger workings, including a couple of shots of the famous Kaaimans River bridge.
African Mirror's Knysna's South Western Railway 1948
Date: 1948     Duration: 1:10
A snippett from African Mirror newsreel.
View from Westhill Luxury Guest House, Knysna Knysna and the Knysna Estuary, through The Heads to the Indian Ocean. View from Westhill Luxury Guest House.
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