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Currently the galleries are undergoing maintenance and only the 100 Headers and YouTube pages are active.

Please note that a lot of pictures were taken before the fires that devasted Knysna and surrounding areas in June 2017, and therefore some may not accurately reflect the current landscape.

All pictures in the galleries and on this website have been taken by us (unless otherwise credited), except for the YouTube videos.

We are not professional photographers, and all of our pictures have been taken with just standard compact digital cameras and mobile phones.

All the images used in the header slideshows and galleries have been rotated, cropped and resized as necessary.

The images have been "processed" to create a smaller physical file for faster loading, although there may stil be a delay. This may also mean that the picture quality is not quite as good as it could be, possibly where smaller text is being shown. Please let us know if this is a problem.

Note: all our images are protected by copyright laws (see our legal page for more details). Please contact us if you would like a copy of any of the pictures (cropped, resized or original), either for personal or commercial use.

Finally ... enjoy!

Knysna and the Knysna Estuary, through The Heads to the Indian Ocean. View from Westhill Luxury Guest House.
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