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What's on in and around Knysna

The "What's On" pages show a list of annual festivals, shows and major events, annual sporting events and major championships, as well as a list of other activities, markets and clubs that can be found in the area.

The Diary page also includes dates of Public Holidays, and hopefully in the future a calendar will be added for easier viewing.

There are also many other smaller events that take place, normally associated with local clubs or other establishments, or to commemorate a festive occasion e.g. Valentine's day or Halloween.
Details can generally be found in the local newspapers, on local radio, as well as from the Tourism Information and various other websites.

The area covered is currently from Storms River Village to Wilderness, focusing on Kynsna (and Sedgefield), and with a few additions from around George and Oudtshoorn. Where multiple instances of an activity can be found in the area (e.g. in Sedgefield and in Plettenberg Bay), only the most local one is listed.

The information here is taken from websites associated with the event or activity, otherwise where possible from the Tourism websites. Links to any websites are provided merely as a convenience with no liability accepted for their content or usage. Information for past events may not be available if the relevant website has been changed to reflect a later event, or the event removed from the website, or if the website is no longer active.

Whilst every attempt will be made to ensure the information provided on this site is up to date, no liability is accepted for any inaccuracies. Always contact the organisers for the most current information, e.g. timings or locations may be subject to change or be weather dependant.

These lists are by no means complete (apologies for any omissions), and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Should you be aware of any other major event in and around Knysna, please feel free to contact us.

Knysna and the Knysna Estuary, through The Heads to the Indian Ocean. View from Westhill Luxury Guest House.
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